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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm don lemon. it's the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. we are starting in north florida where people are breathing a sigh of relief, now that two escaped inmates are back behind bars. joseph jenkins are captured today and also charles walker. they got their way out of prison with fake documents and signatures. and the prison let them go. they didn't get very far. 80 miles away from the prison. police acting on a tip swooped in on the motel where they were staying and arrested them again. cnn's nick cnn's nick valencia joins us. >> reporter: police do not
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believe walker and jenkins act aid lone. they are looking for those who helped them get their hand on those fraudulent documents. they say, they could have cost up to $8,000. that's what fdle is telling cnn a short time ago. they are saying that is part of their initial investigation. it is still in early stages. but a lot of people are wondering exactly how they did it. take a listen to cnn legal analyst mark o'mara who explains how he thinks it went down. >> well, it has to be somebody on the inside. it just has to be. somebody at the clerk's office, in the courthouse. maybe even somebody in a state attorney's office position. a secretary who can get that paperwork done. >> and we've been talking about this throughout date, don. not very many people willing to take ownership here as far as the agency's involved in this bureaucratic bungle, you know. no one wants to take ownership for what happened. no one is taking the blame. a lot of finger-pointing going on at this point. still -- >> we had the judge on a little
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bit ago. he doesn't take the blame. he said there are two different agencies there that should be communicating that are not communicating. he admitted that here or cnn. so obviously they will have to work that out, nick. but what happened now with these inmates? obviously, these two men can't be punished any worse than life with no parole. do they still have to answer for this escape? i guess there is the death penalty, but they want do that on this thing. >> yes, we are working on confirming that. you're right, don, they are held on life sentences. there is really nothing more than can be done right now but they were in court a little while ago. i guess a few hours ago. earlier this morning. they appeared by video conference from where they are held in jail on dade county. they will eventually brought before the florida department of corrections. but they got away with a lot, don. out on the run for weeks and really embarrassed people here
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in the state of florida. don? >> nick valencia, thank you, nick. one of the things jinxes and walker did is provideme documen with this signature. the problem is the judge never signed this. i talked to the judge a few moments ago in orlando and he was not amused. >> don, more than likely what happened, someone appeared in the clerk's office, dropped them in a box. they were processed as they ordinary do process documents. there was absolutely no contact with my office. no one even checked to see if in fact the cases were assigned to me. and they went on about their merry way and were transmitted to the department of corrections. and in the department of corrections got them, and acted upon them.
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>> so obviously something needs to be done. how does this make you feel that your name was used to escape, your signature. obviously you're not amused by it. are you angry? are you going to fight for change? what? >> well, am i angry? no. i don't like it. it didn't make me angry. but let's face reality. in your name and documents that you signed are plastered on the internet for anybody and everybody to see, and if someone with basic knowledge can paste and cut your signature, it didn't surprise me that it happened. it was just a matter of time. it shows me we can do more with documents and that's a process that we will also start doing now. >> department of corrections
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hasn't said much publicly about the escape or how it happened. >> people get caught with guns and knives all the time at the airport. but this is over the top. a long island man tried to board a jet plu flight yesterday carrying a bag filled with more than a dozen knives. five pairs of scissors. more than a dozen lighters and other so-called implements of destruction. timothy schiavo is charged with criminal possession of a weapon. some of the gops big guns are taking a debut of the obama care program. john mccain calls it a fiasco. in an interview with senator ted cruz, he says hhs secretary has to go. as a first step to fix the problem. chris lawrence is in washington. chris, sounds like the
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administration is going to counter with a rose garden event tomorrow, talking about the benefits of obama care. what are you hearing? >> that's right, don. a little after 11:00 in the morning in the rose garden, the president will bring consumers, some pharmacists, certain small business owners, who all support his affordable care act. basically some of these folks will be people who didn't have health care coverage before who have now enrolled in the program or those who are looking at enrolling and going through the process. he's going to sort of out to the achievements of the program. and he is also going to adjust the glitches. you know, people getting error messages. not able to get a pass word. taking weeks to even get through the simplest part of the system. and he will try to address that. and senator mccaine said on cnn, there is absolutely no excuse for what is happening so far. >> many of the ironies here, but
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one of them is, the fiasco of this roll-out is obscured because of this strive that's been going on in the republican party. so we will continue, i think, to try to get rid of the worst aspects of obama care, including the medical device tax and others. but a fool errand to start with. it was never going to succeed. >> you can see with the computer glitches, look, this is not just a website, it is a program and the who gram at its heart is still good. sort of distancing itself while still taking responsibility for the glitches, don. >> let me ask you this. because john mccain was it was a mistake to insist on obama care during the budget crisis. you about i think he said it was a fool's errand, right? >> yeah. >> will the tea party go along? >> hard to say, don. right now, earlier today,
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senator ted cruz indicated he is not taking anything off the table in terms of trying to, you know, push this so the brink once again. he said, look, i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure obama care is defunded. so he is not taking anything off the table. it remains to be seen whether they would have that same kind of leverage. i don't think there is any appetite in the republican house among some of its leaders to go back to the same gamut again and try to shut down the government. >> so the numbers, half million applications. we have talked about this a bit. the government needs 7 million to sign up in order to support the cause. what is the administration saying about that. i guess he will have to explain it tomorrow. >> yeah. they look at it as a positive, don. white house is saying, look, they've had 19 million visits on the website. about a half million people filled out the application thp
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they've gone through the process, put in their salary. who in their family that might need health care. those are the numbers they are waiting for in the next couple weeks to see how many people have actually enrolled to see how far along they are, you know, to get into that 7 million mark that they want. >> chris lawrence, appreciate it, sir. >> yeah. >> ted cruz, not backing down and not ruling out another government shutdown. does this make him more popular to americans or is he the poster child it a failed go? we are discussing this. who knew, hollywood funny man, jim carrey, now a published author. we will talk to him about his new book and his new film. >> can you talk to us about what we will see in your movie. >> no, no, we can't. >> how about a little teaser? [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
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republican senator ted cruz, not backing down. not backing off. his desire to defund obama care. and in an interview, an exclusive one on today's state of the union, cruz said he is not ruling out a chance to reopen the debate when the new january 15th deadline for a new budget arrives. >> you're very deliberately not ruling it out. >> what i'm say sgt top priority, there are a lot of politicians in washington that want to put obama care behind us. say okay, fine, no more. no more discussing obama care. you know what, the american people are not satisfied with that. >> okay, so by now everyone has an opinion about ted cruz. i'm sure the people to my right and to my left have some very strong opinions as well. let's talk about cruz, his impact on the nation and his own party. lz granderson from indianapolis and in boston his regular
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sparring partner, on this show at least, republican strategist ana navarro. how are you. >> hi, guys. >> i'm coming to you from red sox nation. i want you to understand that. >> boooo -- >> at least it's red for you, anna. anna, you are a republican strategist and you worked with senator john mccain. i want you to listen to what he said about ted cruz and others that pushed for the government shutdown. >> all those involved in it went on a fool's errand. that's just a fact. the other irony is that in the nagsa national pollinging with republicans are at an all time historic low in approval. or historic high in disapproval. >> you know, if i say that, i'm called for a show for the white
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house. if john mccain says it, why doesn't anybody say the same thing about him, ana navarro. did ted cruz take the republican party on a fool's errand? >> i can assure you john mccain gets called a lot of things. so you shouldn't be feeling that now. one of the things he gets called a lot, which i get called a lot is rhino. i say yeah, okay. that means republicans who are inclusive, not obstructionists. i think what john mccain is saying is reality. senator cruz can be standing on principle. so are so many other republicanes who did not go along with this. who do not like obama care. but who understand that when you have the majority of one chamber of congress and the democrats have the majority and senate and white house, you cannot get these things done. and instead, what we've done, there is not o enly a fool's errand, we've done ourselves harm as republicans.
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we have stepped all over our message. we have not had a unified front and we have taken and distracted from what has been a very lackluster, for lack of a better word, roll-out of the obama care launch. so it has been really a negative impact for republicans and practically every aspect. and i think mccain is right. it is not going to happen again because the adults are back in charge of the classroom. and they are not going to go along with it again, as they did this time to try it accommodate this faction of the republican party. >> i'd give you a microphone, if i had one to give you. thank you for saying that. because it is the absolute truth. and i hope someone is paying attention. i hope the tea party members and partisan, the really right wing faction of the republican party is listening. it did not do the party any good. and you're not saying that just
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for your health. lz, ted cruz says he is not going way. he is not backing down. not even ruling out another round of this shutdown strategy in january. mccain vows that will never happen. so what do you say? >> you know, this thing has a couple of tentacles we need to look at. the tea party came into power in 2010 under the guys of reeling in some of our -- [ inaudible ] they weren't happy with the stimulus package. i think that's a good mission to be on. but what happened once they got into power is that they got splintered. instead of focussing on things like defunding planned parenthood they talked about sesame street and pbs getting too much money. and you didn't see a single plan coming out of the tea party agreesi addressing jobs or where the biggest spending was happening, including department of defense.
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they lost their focus. fast forward to here in 2013 and i still say they lost their focus. if you look at rand paul, a tea party favorite, ted cruz, current tea party favorite, some of the things that michele bachmann and sarah palin said in past and they too are tea party favorites, they are all different messages. until there is a funfide message, there will be problems for the republican party. a quote from malcom x, the chicken is have come home to roost. they knew they were crazy people, but they wanted the crazy people to help them win the house. the chickens have come home to roost. they want to figure a way to keep the numbers of the tea party and perhaps keep some of the craziness down. >> both y'all must have went to church today. you are both preaching. i want to talk to you about
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interesting comments from robert redford ford. he told cnn that he believes racism is a factor in the government shutdown. anna and lz, i want to know what you guys think. we will get that right after this break. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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we were talking over the break. we are talking politics with our friends, lz and anna. we want to talk about the shutdown debate that didn't receive a lot of attention. that's actor robert redford. he had some strong comments about the president's political opponents in congress. let's listen. >> it is so decrepit, so paralyzed. and the worst of it is, that is is paralyzed by intention. i think what sits underneath it,
3:24 pm
unfortunately, is there is probably racism involved. which is awful. >> never mind they are supposed to be in office representing the interest of the public. they are representing their own self interest which is very narrow and in some cases just bigoted. >> anna? is robert redford an out of touch hollywood liberal or does he have a point? >> oh, lord, don lemon. you do know i have a weakness for good looking men. and you do know once upon a time, robert redford was a fine male specimen. but listen, what he is saying right now is not accurate. not everybody that some people may think is about racism is about racism. not everything that some people say is not about racism is not about racism. is there racism in america 2013? absolutely, there is.
3:25 pm
but it undermines the problem of racism by the fact that people have a different policy difference of what it encompasses. i will give robert redford a break. i love his movies. i love his blue eyes. i would love to get lost in them. but this is on the crazy side. >> okay, so you like robert redford. lz, he significantly mentioned members of congress for having -- is it reckless for someone like red ford to throw out accusations like that? >> i think reckless puts much stock into what robert redford says. at the end of the day, he is an actor who is right now promoting a movie. but with that being said, all you have to do is look at the
3:26 pm
history books. lindh onjohnson said in a loss of the generation. what he is saying is all of the people upset over the fact that americans would be granted more rights in this country would become republicans and we have still seen that element part of the republican party. now anna is absolutely correct. we will always have racism. it is important to point out there is racism in the democratic party as well. not that it belocks to one party but what is unique about obama is of course he is the first african-american president and we didn't hear squat in the tea party when reagan was raising the debt ceiling 18 times, with you now all of a sudden the black man wants to raise the debt ceiling and then our country is -- [ inaudible ] don't put stock into what red ford is saying. but racism is here. ray sis sem part of the conversation and will continue to be a part of the conversation.
3:27 pm
>> so anna, before i let you go back -- >> let me just say. let me say this. the last time we add government shut down was under president bill clinton pip know he liked to think of himself as the first black president. but let's say it, the man was pasty white, is pasty white. >> i know where you're going. there was a lot of hate for bill clinton and bill clinton was a white president and the republicans hated him just as much. we cannot deny -- >> -- george w. bush. it is a polarized political environment. >> here is what i want to talk about. people say stop calling it obama care. the president embraced that term. quickly, can we talk about that? anna, in the beak, you said, if it was anti-aging or affordable, more popular when you call it that wab that more people would buy it. i say we should call it anti-aging health care or free
3:28 pm
anything with free in it works for me. >> listen, it is what i told you on the break. the reason people don't want it to be called obama care, affordable care act is more popular. anything with the name, affordable, with the nam name affordable, is more popular. you put the word anti-aging on anything, and i will buy it. you put the word affordable on anything, i will buy it. it is a branding issue. unless i don't buy anything else. >> lz? >> there are people that hate obama. so as soon as they hear his name, obama, they don't care what it is, they are owe opposed to it. >> so maybe we should call it -- >> guys, i maybe if we called it anti-aging obama care and it would become. anti-aging affordable obama care and everybody would be all for it, right?
3:29 pm
>> or weight loss care. >> okay. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> back to your robert redford marathon. we appreciate it. australia in flames right now. over 50 separate fires burning. a firefighter joins us live, next. ♪
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this is going to be a tense and dangerous week. this is an incred ill video. this was shot by michael green. shot on thursday in blue mountains just northwest of sydney. look at this. hot, dry and windy conditions produced dozens of raging wildfires. at least 200 homes have been lost and more than 100 others have been damaged. michael green joins us by phone from the town of dargen. it is right outside of sydney.
3:33 pm
what was going through your mind as you drove through this wall of flames, michael? >> well, we had been fighting fires all night, pretty much. and we just thought, we have to get out. i've been through that type of terrain in large fire truckes. i was just sort of, in a funny state of mind. and my wife started saying, gun it, gun it, that means speed it up, speed it up. she could feel the intense heat through the windows. then i realized, what am i doing. this is a -- she wanted to turn back. couldn't turn back. this is a fire truck, an fire truck, sorry. we went through it. it was quite scary. the water tanker coming through, they can sometimes be in the
3:34 pm
middle of the road. so they don't know who is coming through. it was a bit risky. but i just -- i had to get home to see what if the house was all right. >> is that your wife talking to you in the background? >> yes. >> she is explaining, no this happened. so we could see a very typical husband and wife scenario there. you were trying to get to your house to see if it had been damaged. you weren't escaping this fire? you were trying to go back home? >> yes. the fire had passed. but it was still quite severe. most people were leaving, i must admit. it does look funny when most are going out and we're going back in. >> so these are hot spots you see happening.
3:35 pm
as you said, most of the fire was gone. there were trees, almost looked like decorated with white lights for christmas, but those were trees becoming engulfed in flames. did you make it to your house? >> yes, we did. >> how did it -- >> the back field be shed on fire and dog was -- he was all right. the house was basically in tact. we have a good system here. they saved quite a few houses in this area. the wind were blowing right up. at the last minute, they changed southerly which took it away from our house and moved somewhere else. >> are you at your house now? >> sorry? >> are you at your house now? >> yes, we're at the house now. >> and you're going to stay? >> yes. they are evacuating people.
3:36 pm
but we and a few other people are staying here. we have a plan. and there are people from different states. we can now stand down from our fire fighting job. >> michael green, also a school bus driver, volunteer firefighter, thank you. we appreciate it. tell your wife hello. we appreciate you joining us. >> i will tell her hello. thanks for -- i didn't know it created so much interest. thanks for having us. >> you guys take care. >> meantime, we will talk about a mystery girl. a 4-year-old found by police and a couple says she is their daughter. no one seems to know who she is. a musical instrument from a ship that had gone down, sold at auction. . so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink.
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better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare we're back. now to other international news making headlines now. for that is cnn's rosa flores. hey, rosa. >> hey, don. we start off in greece. there is speculation about the possible abduction and trafficking after blonde blue-eyed girl named maria. take a look at her picture. she was discovered during the raid of a roma house, also known as gypsies in central greece. authorities say she was in a state of neglect both physically and psychologically. dna tests showed she was not related to the couple claiming to be her parents.
3:41 pm
it triggered an international sear. for her real family. child and safety advocates say it th is a call to everyone to pay attention to children. >> we need to start viewing these as situations of abuse, authorities need to start paying attention when they get calls they should investigate the calls. and act and treat this as the crime, organized crime that it is. >> more than 8,000 calls with tips have been made from around the world. now authorities say at least eight of them have provided important information including four from the united states. maria is in protective custody, the couple who claimed to be her parents face child abduction charges. now to the tune of everlasting hope. ♪ ♪
3:42 pm
do you recognize that tune? that tune is from the 20th century fox film ""titanic."" so why would we be showing you this? well, the real violin, not the replica from the movie, played by the "titanic's" musical conductor, asked the ship went down sold for a whopping $1.7 million. that's a record price, folks, for "titanic" memorabilia. the band played to calm passengers, even as the ship sinked. he was found days later with his violin case strapped to his back. that instrument was found in an attic in 2006. the name of the new owner was not released. >> the name of this heart attack contest on a plate? could surprise you. the world's poutine eating
3:43 pm
championship in toronto. what is poutine? french fries topped with a gravy like saws and cheese kurds. joey chestnut took the championship of 2013. he ate 18 boxes. don, you said you could win the stone crab eating contest. could you do this one? >> i could do anything but the cheese kurds. french fries with gravy. there's this place in atlanta, called -- what is it called? leons. and french fries and you get the kind of gravy you want. >> there's decatur? >> decatur. so awesome. >> so the french fries or shrimp, whatever you are thinking about, you don't want to do it just before you do this. take a look at your screen. jumping off the highest this spot southwest china.
3:44 pm
athletes join around for the thrill jumping with here this, 370 meters above ground. rain didn't stop them from showing off all kind of rolls and dives and turns in the air. now base, by the way, is an extreme sport where athletes specialize in jumping from fixed objects. currently, there's about 1,000 base jumpers, most of the top performers are from europe and the u.s. don, are you signing up, my friend? >> answer is no. never do that. not even with your body or brains, i would not do it. >> i couldn't do it either. just watching the video, my stomach just reacts to the fall. >> thank you, rosa. see you soon. you never know what you're going to get when you sit down with jim carrey. >> i think of myself, you know, people are always trying to -- i must kill the president -- sorry, that's my code. i'm a manchurian candidate.
3:45 pm
>> jim carrey, actor, just ahead. first, this. >> corporal michael boucher will never forget june 12, 2011, the day his whole life changed. >> we were in afghanistan. and an iud was set op off. it was a blessing i stayed conscious. i didn't have to wake up later an realize that both my legs were missing. >> he was 22 years old. >> i was trying to figure out what i was going to be able to do and what i wasn't. >> boucher always liked to hunt and fish. now an all terrain wheelchair is helping him get back to doing what he loves the most. >> it turns your disability into an ability. with tracks like a mini tank, it'll go almost anywhere. through mud, sand, snow, even up and down hills. tim swenson created the action track chair after his own son was paralyzed in a car accident. >> i always thought about, how can i get josh to be back outdoors. and get off the hard surface. >> so he used his background in
3:46 pm
motor sports to design an off road electric chair that could help more than just his son. >> we started using some of the things i knew about, snowmobiles an atvs and we started building. >> swenson sold his first one in 2009 and offers different sizes for both kids and adults. and he designed a second model that allows paralyzed people to stand up. the chairs aren't cheap. starting at $10,000 and are not yet covered by insurance. >> it is made a huge difference and added that independence back to my life. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie.
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heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. you have seen his antics on the big and small screen. now actor jim carrey is taking on the literary world. cnn caught up with carrey about his new children's book. the comic spoke about his book and filming of "dumb and dumber 2." here is anna carrera. >> somewhere -- >> >> reporter: at age 51, jim carrey still knows thousand capture an audience.
3:50 pm
>> there is nothing interesting out of there. they are all out of "50 shades of gray." >> on this day, pint-sized fan base drinks juice boxes, sits on the carpet with legs crossed. >> every time i turn the page, i want you kids to go whhosh. >> reporter: exactly what he is hoping for, adding to his credits, children's author. >> i'm drunk with my own self importance. nothing i can't do. >> reporter: all kidding around. jim writes a book about rolland. >> he hopes to hit the beach and life won't be over. then he is struck with he is not just the wave, he is the big ocean. it is that ultimate fear that when it happens, it isn't bad, you just go into a different phase and feeling and awareness. >> reporter: our cameras caught up with carrey at a book signing
3:51 pm
in atlanta. but the two-time golden globe winner has been seen around town for others reasons. >> austria. well, good day, mate. >> reporter: carrey and his co-star, jeff daniels, are making a sequel to dumb and dumber. a film almost 20 years in the making. p. >> what do you think? >> i'm amazed at the wonders of ink printers. just right there for us any time we want it. just friends getting together again. >> can you give us a taste of what we can expect in your movie. >> no, i can't. >> a little tease? >> how's that. >> reporter: jim carrey, taking on a new chapter in his life. and making plenty of laughs along the way. anna cabrera, cnn, atlanta. >> peyton manning returns to play the colts and his former
3:52 pm
owner is making noise. he is one of the greatest quarter backs the game has ever seen. what kind of homecoming will he have? we will talk about it next. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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boston red sox headed to the world series. boston beat detroit 5-2 last night on the strength of shane victorino's grand slam. next up, match-up with the world series against the cardinals. game 1, wednesday, which is october 23rd. i remember that, 2004. denver's qb having perhaps his best season ever after spending the first 14 years of his career with the colts. aaron neigler joins me, from nfl report. nice to meet you.
3:56 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> colts owner said he is disappointed that colt didn't win one super bowl while having peyton manning. . he said, you make the playoffs 11 times and you're out in the first round 7 out of 11 times, you love to have the star wars numbers from payton and marvin harrison, and reggie wayne, mostly you love this. is this blown out of proportion? >> yes. because that's what the nfl media does. we love on to latch on to a story and play it to death. >> how is that any different. >> well, you can't fault him for himself. he didn't say anything that he didn't say right next to peyton manning when they had the news conference saying they were letting peyton manning go. this isn't new. the fact that denver's head
3:57 pm
coach latched on and called it a cheap shot. peyton manning hasn't touched it publicly. we will see how he respond in the game tonight. >> you talk about jim irset because he is isn't your typical owner. he tweets a lot. pearl jam. he is outspoken. is this how it took a life on its own. >> we have an nfl owner who is media friendly. someone that will speak his mind and tell it how it is, so to speak. sometimes guys won't talk to us or say anything, then they do and give us a little something, we blow it out of proportion. we attack him instead of what he said. if you look at the quote, that interview, later on in the piece, he mentioned the general manager who is he was really taking a shot at. but he is no longer with the cold so we make it about peyton manning so we can pump up monday night football. >> that happens with everybody.
3:58 pm
>> exactly. >> did you rae the transcript of what was said? context is everything. what kind of reception do you think manning will get when he walks on the field? >> probably unconditional love. >> from the colts? >> absolutely. from colts fans and players alike. think about the fact the building they are playing in, probably doesn't get built without peyton manning. he is a big reason there is till a team in that town. >> this is the stadium that peyton built? >> absolutely. and i think privately they probably thank him. >> i hear that bleacher report has an interesting segment right now about peyton manning and the colts. >> yeah. we did a piece imagining what the colts would look like if they kept him. remember, they cut him causing him to hit free agency. what happened if manning stuck around? we did a fun video laying out what the nfl landscape would be different. it was a good time. >> you care to make a friendly wager here? what do you think? >> i'll be rooting for the colt because everybody loves anunder are dog but i think the broncos
3:59 pm
will win tonight. >> do you really? >> yeah. >> why? >> manning is playing out of this world. the offense is tough. i think the colt have a good clans. they are playing at home and andrew luck is no joke. no slouch himself. but i think this is manning's game to lose. >> i am so behind him. you know why? i've been saying this, it makes us old guys look good. >> there you go. 37 is old in the nfl. that's scary. >> aaron, thank you. >> no problem. thanks for having me. >> good to see you. hello, everyone, top of the hour here. almost the top of the hour. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. this is a very embarrassing incident for the state of florida. two prisoners walked out of prison on the same day. they did not dig their way out
4:00 pm
or sneak out. the prison opened the doors and let them walk out. cnn analyst says there is no way they did this without help. >> well, it has to be somebody on the inside. it just has to be. somebody at the clerk's office, in the courthouse. maybe even somebody in a state attorney's office position. a secretary who can get that paperwork done. yenk yinks jinks jenkins and walker were found and rearrested. we were on the story when it happened. it has to be said that florida police got lucky these two men did not leave the state and only got what, some 880 miles away, nick. >> not only that, but that they were arrested without incident. they were thought to be in the area of